Meet Vector, an experimental exploratory hardware synthesizer combining elements of several synthesis methods into a very special expressive blend. With a touchscreen interface, smooth rotary encoders and firm toggles for navigating the partials — how they evolve, modulate, mix and cut.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression
When it comes to synthesizers, there is never enough expression. Long anticipated and carefully prepared firmware upgrade 2.8 brought Vector into the family of MPE-capable instruments.

Explore unheard of tonal landscapes with a novel synthesis approach with a total of 64 filters, 128 harmonic generators and 64 blenders at your disposal.

Manipulate partials and motion in realtime with procedural orbits and trajectories.

Leave the comfort zone to create unique sounds, unlike anything else, with a complete synthesis workflow.

Easily upgrade the firmware directly over a local network or with a USB stick.

While Vector is great already, we are making it even better by adding new features.

Get active and engaging support from the makers, because Vector is made for you.

  • Innovative hybrid synthesis engine
  • Complex modulators
  • 16 voice polyphony with 4 filters per voice
  • Extensive arpeggiator with a step sequencer
  • 4 carefully tuned rich effects
  • 7" capacitive touchscreen
  • 25 smooth infinite rotary encoders
  • 7 toggle switches
  • Metal body 29×18×5cm (total height 7.5cm)
  • 1.5kg weight, built like a tank
  • Stereo 6.35mm output (2× mono jack)
  • Stereo 6.35mm headphone output
  • Ethernet port
  • USB device, USB host
  • MIDI TRS input and output ports
  • Runs on ARM® Cortex™-A53
  • Powered by realtime Linux
  • 32-bit internal processing
  • 32-bit DAC (106dB SNR)
  • Firmware upgrade via LAN or USB drive

Red Means Recording

Benn Jordan

Bloom Music

Les Sondiers

Doctor Mix

The Midlife Synthesist

June and Arrival

Starsky Carr

Powerful arpeggiator and an array of effects to sculpt the sound to taste.

Responsive and snappy UI with a careful balance between hardware and touch.

Mono, Poly and Dual modes for a thick unison or interval playing.

Stand-alone, Send and Receive MIDI tempo modes to sync Vector with your devices.

You can easily create an evolving ambient patch that sounds both delicate and huge at once.
Tinkerers and individualists should get their money's worth, as well as live people who like to get lost in improvisation.

Experience Vector

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Current lead time: July 2024

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